Artist Feature No. 2: Tim White

July 24th, 2018

This month we were fortunate enough to meet with Photographer Tim White. We asked Tim a few questions and got to know him a bit better. Check out Tim’s work on the bookshelves at Kingsize, or online at Happy reading !


From book and exhibition OutSider


True North, Beekeeper.


Homage to Karl Heinz Weinberger No Magazine


Havana 97


Q: How did you start in your career, and what has been a big highlight if you could chose one ?

A: I started as an assistant first working for free to get experience in the late 1980’s. Then I got a full time job for a still life photographer. After about a year I went freelance for fashion photographers. In 1990 I moved to London where I was lucky enough to work for several NZ photographers based there, Derek Henderson, Hugh Stewart and Regan Cameron. I only had a two year working visa so had to go out on my own as a photographer a year later in order to apply for a visa, which I did and stayed in London for over a decade.
Highlight would be the places I have gone and people I have worked with, Cuba in 1997 has been a definite stand-out.


Q: Which project has been the most fulfilling, and worthwhile for you personally ?

A: My book True North. It took four years to complete. Definitely a labour of love but it has defined my work ever since.


Q: What would be your advice for a young, aspiring photographer ? What advice should they ignore ?

A: Find your own trip. It is the hardest thing to do and only comes through understanding not just the technical side but photography’s history.
Everyone is “influenced” by someone or you are too ignorant to know someone has done what you have before.
It’s about bringing yourself to your work but and adding from the past.
Im a big book collector, I find photographic history fascinating.
I think you should listen to everyone, but learn to filter out the irrelevant stuff.
I remember showing a photographer a B+W print I had done at school, he told me it was technically poor as the sky was blown out.
It took me years to realise how wrong he was and a blown out sky can be a great compositional element.


Q: What book are you currently enjoying the most right now ?

A: Always The Americans by Robert Frank but also Mike Brodie’s A Period of Juvenile Prosperity is a stand out from the last few years.


Q: Photographer you most admire and why ?

A: There are a lot, all of the “New York School”, but again Robert Frank if I had to pick one. The Americans changed everything in photography and The Lines of My Hand is also a timeless classics you can return to again and again.  Also his film work is well worth checking out.

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