IBC 2010: HD Magazine Daily Round Up

HD Magazine – info on…

Panasonic AF101 camera: orders taken now

…and two new entry level Apple ProRes Recorders:
AJA Ki Pro Mini
Ninja Recorder

PHOTOKINA 2010: Sinar

Sinar eShutter
With the introduction of the new Sinar eShutter at Photokina, Sinar Photography shows another groundbreaking innovation. Sinar e-Shutter – the revolutionary electronic shutter solution sets new standards in modern high-end photography. Integrated microprocessor controls guarantee the highest precision when working with a view camera and they provide fast shutter speeds of up to 1/250 second. A unique feature is the application of 7-blade technology that results in nearly circular aperture openings. The use of state-of- the-art components and electronics makes the compact and light weight construction possible that permits the attachment to different camera platforms.

The Sinar eShutter is completely integrated into the Sinar System and in addition, thanks to its open architecture, it can also be used with any other system. The aforementioned construction permits unrestricted conversions of existing lenses of the “0” size and provides an attractive entry into the Sinar eShutter system.

Controlling and operating the Sinar eShutter takes place in a regular manner on a Macintosh or a PC via a USB interface. What is completely new is the intuitive operation by means of up-to-date and widely used communication tools such as the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch: Trendy technologies that not only stand for innovation, but also for reliable and efficient working methods.

The first shipments of Sinar eShutter will be in 1st Quarter 2011. The price of the Sinar eShutter as well as for the various conversions and upgrades will be announced at Photokina.

At Photokina 2010, Sinar will introduce a new high-resolution multishot digitalback with 48.8 Megapixels, the eVolution86 H.

When a single image is not enough for the best photograph:
Whenever work is being performed in the fields of still life or archiving, Multi-Shot backs stand out because of their high resolution of details, which is especially noticeable because of rich contrast in color transitions. In the 4-shot mode, the CCD sensor’s pixel matrix is shifted three times laterally or vertically by exactly one pixel width from one exposure to the next, so that every image point is covered by every primary color (red, green and blue). Another decisive argument in favor of Multi-Shot technology is the significantly reduced Moiré effect, which becomes hardly noticeable because of the controlled color layering. This exposure technique completely eliminates the interpolation that is necessary with one-shot products. All Sinar Multi-Shot products, of course, can be operated in a pure one-shot mode.

Sinar offers adapters for Sinar p3, Sinar Hy6, Mamiya RZ 67, RB 67, 645 AFD Pro, Fuji GX 680, Contax 645, Hasselblad V and H, and 4×5 view cameras.

The first shipments of Sinarback eVolution86 H will be in October 2010. The price is CHF 24’800.- (excl. TAX) – attractive trade-in offers on request.

NZ Sales Enquiries:

IBC: Quick Round Up

The new PL mount Sony camera prototype.

The new Genus shoulder rig, and components on display.

IBC 2010: Panasonic AG-AF101

The Panasonic AG-AF101 4/3″ video camera (NZD$9237) due by year end is on show at IBC.

This Google Translated page shows some pre production images of the camera.

Featuring interchangeable lens mounts, including PL, and more, this camera has been designed with the professional camera user in mind, however based on it’s price point, it may well be adopted by indie film makers, film schools, through to serious productions.

UPDATE: Hand’s on with the AG-AF101


HD Magazine: GoPro Camera Now Offers PAL frame rates

The very popular Go Pro HD camera system has finally been updated with a firmware upgrade to offer 25 and 50fps, along with several other valuable features.


1280×720 25fps
1280×720 50fps

1280×960 25fps
1920×1080 25fps

This camera appears to be one of the most versatile, useful, and feature rich units on the market, at a remarkable price.

IBC: Sachtler Cine DSLR Fluid Head

Sachtler Cine DSLR – for professional work with HD-DSLRs.

Payload range: 1-5kg. Developed specifically for DSLR / lighter payload camera.

Chimera: Slave Bracket

#2688 Slave Bracket

This all aluminum cold shoe is a virtually indestructible / but simple unit. Useful to Strobist / HD-DSLR applications.

Chimera: Snapgrids

Another interesting new product from Chimera:

Snapgrids mount to Small, Medium and Large Chimera Lightbanks via Velcro. The built-in frame allows for fast set-up without the hassles of “belly sag” when your Lightbank is in an overhead and horizontal position. Every Snapgrid comes with its own storage case.

-No hassle — fast set-up
-No “belly sag”
-Built-in stainless steel frame
-Pre-stretched fabric
-Storage case
-40 degree

Contact for pricing when available.

Chimera: Lightbank for Litepanels 1×1

#1600LP Lightbank for Litepanels 1×1

This release from the Chimera website: looks interesting…

“Chimera introduced the new 1600LP Lightbank for the Litepanels LP-1×1 LED light at this past NAB show. It was well received. The 1600LP Lightbank is currently being revised. The new version will accept fabric egg crate grids.

With the Lightbank in place, quality soft light is achieved for beautiful rendition of your subjects. This model is specifically designed to fit the Litepanels LP-1×1 LED light.

The 1600LP will be sold in a complete kit including mounting brackets, 14×15.5×4 inch deep Lightbank, and three front screens of different densities — full, 1/2 and 1/4 grid to modify the output of the light. The front screens Velcro on and off easily. Price and availability coming soon.”