Profile: Sharon Montrose: Animal Photographer

WATCH VIDEO HERE: Sharon Montrose, Animal Photographer

It’s Easter, so here’s a video with a rabbit briefly in it.

This interview characterises what seems to be a beautifully balanced photographic career, with stunning work as a result. Shooting a 3 month old giraffe would have to be a once in a life time experience too.


We have been host to Black Magazine for many years now, and we are continuously excited by what Rachael, Grant, and the team comes up with.

One imminent project is the Impossible Project SX-70 Polaroid film shoot. Black have some boxes of the new film arriving any day now, to be distributed amongst several local shooters to create their own take on this unique medium.

As you probably know, Polaroid Instant Film went out of production a while back, but a group of entrepreneurs and Polaroid enthusiasts bought the last working factory equipment, took a ten year lease on one of the old Polaroid buildings, and over the course of the last 12-18 months they have developed an entirely new B&W instant film, that is available to purchase now.

For more information on the Black project, read here…kss_sx-70_camera

REMIX Magazine Makeover: Kingsize Campaign Continues

remix cover march 2010

Remix Magazine has gone through a complete redesign with it’s latest issue. We haven’t seen inside yet, but we can’t wait because we’ve an ad! (Thanks Tim and Tina) The Kingsize Studios campaign continues featuring Nova international: Malin Lundstedt, in Studio 1, our biggest, drive in cyc studio.

You should be able to find a copy in the next few days.

Karen Inderbitzen-Waller for Crane Brothers Campaign: Garden Studio

We were thrilled to recently host the Crane Brother’s campaign shoot in our new Garden Studio. Here featured on Isaac Likes with a video produced by Oliver Rose: we like you !!

See more of Karen’s work
Visit Crane Brothers


TPM: Photographers Mail, Lighting PDFs, 3DTV, and the Apple Tablet

Sadly the Photographers Mail (TPM) has finished publishing in print, but there maybe an online version in the near future. In the mean time, I will be putting here online, downloadable PDF’s or web versions of the lighting columns I wrote over the last couple of years. I plan to continue writing and producing instructional material here at on a regular basis. We will place an emphasis on lighting, and HD-DSLR.

Here is the first of the articles, focusing on Automotive: DOWNLOAD PDF

The loss of the print TPM, so close to the release time of the Apple Tablet as a print media delivery vehicle is interesting to note. As photographers, we should contemplate the new media we can create for such devices. Not only can we offer stills, but we can also offer crucial video. Much discussion revolves around the Tablet being popular for technical and education text books, and how publishers need to adapt the traditional ebook into a rich media offering. These new “books” will of course be available via iTunes, and probably third parties such as Amazon for the Tablet, which means that the global reach for the content you are producing is enormous. Using cameras such as the Canon 5d MK2, and working already with clients who need stills: you can now offer video. Conveniently this kind of subject matter ideally suits the limitations of these cameras. Further, the lighting already owned by most photographers can be used for many jobs (except for fan noise from packs or heads when sound recording is required)

Recently too, was the huge CES Show (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, where the predominant trends were tablets, and 3D TVs. The latter again made me question how photographers may need to repurpose their work for new tech such as 3d TV. Already we have 3d movies showing, and sports channels in the works, so what about the editorial and advertising content? I have not even begun to research this, and probably someone can easily clarify the process, but weather we have to shoot with new 3d gear, or if we can just do it in post, there is something new to think about.

The beginning of this decade hints at being defined by serious digital convergence. In a time where game sales can outsell movies, and CGI is completely come of age it feels as if photography is about to be redefined again.

I hope everyone has seen this by now, but if not…ENJOY

Adam Custins

“The Green Studio”: a plan.


What is the Green Studio? Essentially, it is a low impact, generally organic, low waste, recycling, sustainable photo / film studio.

This idea was first discussed at Kingsize a few years ago, after observing endless productions using plastic “Pump” water bottles for each crew member. These water bottles were contributing to a significant volume of rubbish, albeit recycled. What also made me think was the amount of wasted water that was being thrown away from people not finishing their drinks. At the time we were in the film-digital cross over period, so the reality of the situation was that there was little we could do to “green” the studio, when there was so much waste created by Polaroids, film, chemistry, and paper. The future of digital dominating the commercial scene meant that as film disappeared and digital took over, we could focus on the basics such as electricity and water consumption, etc.

At Kingsize, we operate multiple bathrooms, kitchens, and indoor studios to heat or cool, and all the lights and electrical appliances to keep switched on, virtually every day. So the question has been, what can we do to conserve resources, while still maintaining full services.

The plan for this year, is to take small steps that will hopefully add up to be significant in the long term. One example is to try to eliminate any non-organic cleaning products, and aim for all organic grey water: which when you are taking about several bathrooms and kitchens is quite a big deal.

I have googled this subject, hoping to find other studios already doing this, but there was virtually nothing I could find, so I consider this an “open source project”, that we can all contribute to. We are calling this “the Green Light Project”, and if you have any suggestions, email me, and I will post the ideas for discussion.

Sectors of the photographic industry is pretty low impact, except for our travel, while others maybe very high impact, relying on huge amounts of paint, synthetic materials, transport costs, and so on. Often for example, waste props, sets, etc are usually recycled, but we all rely on using sheets of polystyrene in the studio, cameras and computer and lighting equipment built with plastics, mainly imported goods, rolls and rolls of paper, and so on. There are questions we should all start asking our suppliers and partners as to what their green policy is. Look at the computer industry: recently they have been working towards full construction without harmful chemicals involved in manufacture or materials. Is it time we start questioning how our cameras, lights, and equipment are manufactured? How can we make our productions in general less wasteful?

Email us at with feedback !

Adam Custins

Kingsize: Stills Supplier to America’s Next Top Model

During December, 2009, Kingsize supplied equipment, crew and services to support
the recent filming of Season 14 of America’s Next Top Model in New Zealand.

We supported the production as it filmed in New Zealand with both stills and unit gear.
Kingsize Studios has been working behind the scenes with international productions for over ten years.

It was a pleasure to work with both the NZ and American crews, and we look forward to seeing the show!



The new Garden Studio is now available to shoot. We still have the main wall to paint, and some aesthetic finishing touches to complete, but if you are keen to try it out now while the weather is so fine and the light so beautiful, then we have introductory pricing of $200 p/day on offer.

Remember that you can also use artificial light or frames and fabrics to create a look, and this is all available from our on site hire department. If you also need unit gear, such as EZUP, makeup stations, catering, etc for this location then this can be booked too.

The natural light is spectacular, offering shade in the morning, and then side/backlighting in the afternoon. In time, when the hedge grows, there will be more shooting niches in the garden.

2010: Update

As of Monday 11th January, Kingsize is back to work on normal hours: 8-6pm Monday to Friday, 9-12pm Saturday.

There is a temporary staff change while Fadavi is away for ten weeks, so in the mean time, Sarah Grace will be mainly looking after the desk. Sarah as many of you know worked at Kingsize a couple of years ago, and returns from her OE. She is available also for freelance assisting.

We have spent the start of this year doing a spring clean, and an almost total interior repaint, including ceilings, walls, and some floors. There has also been attention given to systems management. As ever, our aim is to give you the best experience we can.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last eighteen months, which surely has been one of the most testing times. We are very lucky to have such great staff, colleagues, and clients.

Adam Custins.
Happy New Year from the Kingsize Team


Kingsize Studios is closed from the 25th December and we reopen Monday 11th January.
For emergency bookings please email us on or txt / SMS / call +64 21 908 179
There will be a call out charge of between $50-100 during these dates. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. Thanks to everyone who has given us their support this year: it has been very meaningful. Merry Christmas.