Welcome to Kingsize.

When you have successfully completed the new client process, you will automatically receive $100 towards your first equipment or studio hire – even if the value of the item is less than $100 ! Or you can put it towards a bigger job.


1.   How do I get started?

Please check How It Works, and follow the steps.

Next, fill out our New Client Form.

2.   What is a day rate, and how does it work?

Equipment is hired based on a collection at the beginning of the day, and return the next morning. If you collect at 12pm, 3pm or 6pm, the gear is still expected back the next morning by 8am, and this is still a 1 day charge.

​If the order is cancelled after it has been confirmed, there will be a 20% restocking fee.
We will not hold an order without a PO or verbal confirmation and a confirmed rental pick up date.

3.   Do you do half days?

We offer half day rates for Studios, but not for gear.

4.   What are your opening hours?

Monday – Friday: Rentals 7.30am to 7pm // Studios 8am to 6pm
Weekends: Rentals & Studios 8am to 6pm

5.   What if I break the gear, or it gets stolen?

Please see our Terms & Conditions, and Insurance Quick Guide.

You are responsible for the return of the equipment in the same condition it left Kingsize. Any loss or damage will incur charges that you must pay.

6.   I’ve never hired a studio or equipment before. What do I do?

First of all, we welcome everyone, and we love helping people get started. Wherever we can we will talk you through the process, or equipment usage, and assist you in having a successful shoot.

We recommend you come visit us well before your shoot, and familiarise yourself with the facilities, equipment, and general procedures.

7.   I am a student/charity, shooting a short film/music video. Can I get a discount?

Yes you can: check our Specials Page!

8.   Do you have weekend rates?

Although we are open 7 days, our weekend special means you pick up on Friday between 5-7pm and return by 8am Monday and pay for only 1 day hire. If it’s a holiday or a long weekend, the return can be made on the following business day for the same price. Please note, we do not extend the weekend hire past this period of days. If your booking begins and/ or ends before or after Friday and Monday, then all days will be charged accordingly. Weekend special applies to non commercial bookings only.

9.   What are my responsibilities when I collect and return the gear?

When you collect gear, you must:

a.   Check the printed list against the packed gear.
b.   Physically check the gear is all packed.
c.    If you have any doubts, you should test the gear prior to taking out.
d.   If someone else apart from you collects the gear and they don’t carry out these checks, Kingsize is not responsible for any errors or issues.
e.   You must arrange payment prior to equipment being released.
f.   When you return the gear, you must check that it works properly, is cleaned from any use, and packed safely for transportation. This is your responsibility.
g.   If you keep memory cards, or other items, you will be charged a day rate until their return. After a certain time, we will assume the gear is unrecoverable and you will be charged for its replacement cost.

10.   What are my responsibilities when hiring a studio at Kingsize?

The studios are presented in a clean and tidy condition. We ask that you sweep up and tidy after your shoot. Any excess rubbish is your responsibility to remove. We can arrange rubbish disposal for a fee. Please return all furniture and equipment to where it was when you arrived. If you have made an unusual mess, e.g. shooting food/confetti, etc, you are required to clean this up. We can supply you with cleaning equipment, or we can clean this up for a fee. This must be arranged prior.

11.   Do you deliver?


a.   Within the Auckland CBD/City Fringe, we can send a van load of gear within 1 hour for a flat fee of $65 each way.

b.   Main cities: we can send gear a couple of ways: urgent & expensive, or slower, unpredictable, cheap. National freight is expensive or unreliable… one or the other.

c.   Big productions: we can rent our van to you and you can collect both vehicle and gear from Kingsize, thus saving you time and money. Sometimes it is cheaper for an assistant to drive gear to the South Island vs flying: always worth checking.

d.   Extreme urgency: we can get items by air to most main airports same day. We will drive gear to the airport and put it on the next plane: you will need to collect the gear from the airport freight department yourself.

We can also do direct drives around the North Island via an assistant or courier service. The costs will be higher, but the gear will get there on an individual courier service just for your needs.

12.   I just broke/lost/dropped rental gear in a lake, etc….

Please give us a call/email immediately. Accidents happen, and that’s ok. We just need to know as SOON as the incident happens so that we can arrange replacement gear for your shoot, or for the client taking this same equipment next. It’s about helping us work around these issues.

When you call us, tell us the facts and we will either attempt to rush gear to you or try to help you through your shoot without it.

It is very important that you know exactly what occurred for both insurance reports and repair instructions.

Remember: these things happen, just communicate please.

13.   I have more questions.

Just call, email us, or pop in!