“To offer the highest standards of service, studios & equipment rental in New Zealand”

Kingsize specialises in problem solving for the professional photographer, & film maker, whether it be studio or location shoots anywhere in NZ or around the world. We regularly ship gear to the South Island or overseas.

Since 1998, Kingsize has offered the largest, most varied, and specialised stills / HD-DSLR gear rental in New Zealand, backed by over fifteen years experience, with staff who are all working professionals. If you need large quantities of flash gear, or a specific light for a tricky shot, call us. We also have fluro, tungsten, HMI & LED lighting hand picked for stills and motion work. Kingsize is also a Canon specialist rental house: we offer the widest range of EF mount lenses, a stock of C300 cameras & support equipment.

Kingsize Sales represents many of the best brands in the world. We only sell what we have tested and use in rental. We offer almost everything as demo stock from our rental stock for testing. Lately we have begun selling film stock, including Impossible Project, Instax and 35mm.

Kingsize Education is an integral part of the studio. We offer a night class & workshop program, consultation services, an annual Scholarship, and many public events covering aspects of photography, film-making, and creative work.