Kingsize is thrilled to partner with the NZIPP for the creation of the new Kingsize Studios & NZIPP 2015 Scholarship: designed to help individuals evolve their technical skills, creative ambitions and business plans. Over the past three years the Kingsize Scholarship has provided support and training to 40 photographers who are emerging or progressing in their careers.

This new Scholarship is for NZIPP members who are ready to take their photography and their career to the next level. We look forward to working with photographers who are creating World class wedding and portrait work.

We are seeking highly motivated individuals who are NZIPP members to submit their applications no later than 10:30am Monday August 10th to

The program will be run through September, October, November 2015 based at Kingsize Studios in Auckland.

Numbers are limited to 1x emerging / student / assistant member, and 2x full members. This program will be highly personalised to the applicant’s specific needs, while working in a group environment.
We particularly are looking for people wanting to transform themselves and their businesses; or who want to progress with their creative style, process, or commercial ideas.

The first 2 months are focused on learning, while the 3rd month will facilitate the development of a new portfolio or body of work through intensive studio time (including shooting opportunities on location) The timing of the scholarship is also designed to prepare photographers for the summer season if this is relevant. Those working with video and stills are very welcome to apply. There will be a strong emphasis on the development of studio and location lighting technique, technical professional practice, and the application of styles and processes drawn from the fashion, advertising, and commercial industry. We recognise the rapidly shifting realities, and want to help you evolve with these changes.

The 2015 Kingsize NZIPP Scholarship is a very involved 12 week programme. Participants will shoot weekly assignments, attend group critiques and technical training sessions. Please only apply if you will be able to make these commitments.

Photographers will have free access to studios and equipment. The Scholarship is completely free to attend and funded by Kingsize Studios.


  1. Email a PDF portfolio with cover letter to
  2. Save the PDF with your name in the file. Please keep your cover letter brief:
    -we want to know about you and your interests.
    -what are your career strengths and weaknesses
    -what is your 10 year plan?
    -why do you think this scholarship will benefit you?
  3. No more than 20 images
  4. PDF to be sized no larger than 6MB

Winners will be announced at the NZIPP Infocus Conference Gala Dinner Monday 10th August.



This week sees the conclusion of the 2015 Kingsize Studios Scholarship.
We are very proud to present the graduating photographers and a taste of their work. We’ll be featuring individual photographers and their work over the coming weeks.


Ben Blair


Mango Study

Veronica Crockford Pound


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Aimee Finlay Magne



Josh Griggs



Samantha Haehae



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Evan Xiao


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James Yang

Scholarship Focus – Mareea Vegas


My technical skills improved massively over the 12 weeks. I started the scholarship with no practical knowledge of studio work and a healthy fear of lights.


The course was challenging for me though I really enjoyed the challenge of working in such a vastly different way to that of which I’ve been so accustomed to. I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity.


The other class members are monsters and by that I mean they have monster talent! The strength of photographers emerging these days is frightening. It’s really cool to see a new hybrid of photographers who have not only all the ability to be successful artists but also the kind of skills to be able to cross over into highly technical and commercial work.


I definitely felt a little overwhelmed with all the studio lighting options but one of my classmates said to me one day “Just think of these lights as being the sun, you’re just moving the sun around” and that really resonated with me as I’m a total sun follower and have always shot that way!


Our scholarship group became really tight over the 3 months and we’ve continued to keep in touch and work with each other.


I recently shot an editorial for magazine in Spain; they really needed a lot of video work as well as stills. I had noticed through the scholarship that Ken’s video work was particularly strong so I asked him to collaborate with me on the shoot and I know we will continue to work on more projects together. I’ve made some really strong connections with people in the class.


Scholarship Focus – Caitlan Mitchell


To be completely honest, I was terrified of studios and lighting before the scholarship.


I just felt awkward and didn’t know where to start, so I would avoid it at all costs. Now I can’t imagine a world without it.


Kingsize has such an incredible team and have really challenged me to push myself further. Being around this very diverse group of people for weekly critiques and assignments, was a crucial part in broadening my practice.


Caitlan has just returned from living in New York for 3 months and recently started an online magazine Fennec & Friends.



Scholarship Focus – Bas van Est


This course pushed us to deliver work each week which was extremely motivating and kept the frequency of shoots consistent.


It’s often hard to get motivated to shoot ‘something’ or ‘anything’ when there is no deadline or goal. I set a personal goal to try out at least one new modifier per shoot which is something you wouldn’t choose to do under the pressure of a paying client.The frequency of shoots and free access to this new equipment has been invaluable towards my technical skill progression of how to use light, both in studio and outside.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.16.05 am

I was definitely lacking awareness of good inspirational photographers, both international and overseas. During the weekly get together Luke, and others in the group, would always recommend photographers, artists, movies, magazines & books which they thought applied to the project you were delivered that week, or aligned with your style. Some influences for my work are Nadav Kandar, Erik Almas, Steve Boniface, Ross Brown. I think it’s just epic to be surrounded by people that are delivering completely different work within the same brief each week and learn from their experiences and feedback. Ken Cao’s crazy style is an obvious stand out, love it! Though not sure about Ren Hang.


Homage to Markus & Indrani‘s cover image of Bowie’s Heathen

Each of the guest speakers re-iterated the fact that you should be shooting what you love as it will always be your best work. At the same time you can’t always pick and choose and you still need to make a living and fund your personal endeavours. I hope I can be in a position to keep a good balance of both one day.

The scholarship class has definitely created a more relevant network of people compared to when I finished studying. I’m pretty sure this will be epic for future reference, whether it’s for referrals, assisting or collaborations.

I have assisted 2 photographers which were guest speakers during the Scholarship. I have also done commercial shoots recently which I was really happy about and I know is a direct result of weeks of lighting practice.

The plan right now is to do at least one personal shoot a week (once I’m up to speed with editing), work on improving my portfolio and definitely get more involved with video. I had always been keen to do video but hesitated because it seemed like a too much of a big step whilst I was still building my stills work. It still is but after finishing our video assignment I find it equally as addictive as shooting stills and look to do a lot more of it.

Scholarship Focus – Aaron Burgess

Over the 12 week duration of the scholarship, the focus was to push outside my comfort zone.


The Scholarship was a great opportunity to utilise the resources available, to test out some different lighting setups, that were unfamiliar. Through trial and error, my knowledge of lighting techniques, and lighting equipment has developed.

The best advice I took from the guest speakers over the course of the Scholarship was- Work hard and shoot what you love. This resonated with me as I knew this was important, yet having this repeated, is reassuring. A few people said this including Christina Force and Simon Harsent. Christina also had some sound advice for portfolio layout, and I now have a different strategy for my portfolio, which I am looking forward to implementing.


Being connected to a network of fellow Scholarship photographers and the Kingsize team has been rewarding, as well as inspiring – seeing fellow photographers develop their personal work.


Networking and meeting people always has a positive influence on opportunities. As a result of this involvement with the scholarship I am planning on being in a group exhibition with some fellow scholarship graduates in the coming months.


My plan for the immediate future, and long term is to continue developing and shooting personal projects on a regular basis. With the long term aim that these personal projects help influence the types of commercial jobs offered in future. The Kingsize scholarship has helped keep these aims in check, by assisting in the productivity of this personal work.

Aaron Burgess

Scholarship Focus – Megan Bowers-Vette


You know, some of those lights and power packs used to look so complicated and imposing- I would think “do I really have to touch that?”. Now, not only can I touch the equipment, I can use it to make things look exactly how I want them to look when I am am in the studio. It has been a great learning experience.


The four people I loved meeting the most over the Kingsize Scholarship were Adam Custins, Ross BrownChristina Force and Russ Flatt. They all just gave me so much confidence in myself and my work. Some of the things they spoke about totally blew my mind and I really did need a few weeks to recover. But I think if these amazing people can feel that way about my work then the world truly is my oyster. I was also introduced to the Image Nation conference, which I have never been to before but I think I probably wont ever miss from now on.


All of the guest speakers were great. I just tried to soak it all up like a sponge. The whole experience has formed a very clear and developed idea of where I am, where I want to be, and how I am going to get there, which is priceless.


Everyone in the Scholarship group was such an amazing image maker it made be feel very privileged to be a part of it. And I have learnt so much just by interacting with them and their brilliant minds.

_MG_7844 2

As a direct result from the scholarship class I have a feature coming out in Remix magazine, which Luke recommended me for. So I can’t put into words how exciting that is!


The scholarship hasn’t just shaped but totally blown out of the water everything I ever thought I knew about commercial photography and replaced it with actual proper real knowledge in the best possible way.




Scholarship Focus – Michael Cardiello


The Scholarship Class quickly turned into my full time job. I would shoot all day and then go directly home and research photo shoots.

kingsize article 5b

 It was a bit of shock at first scrambling to catch up. Aside from photo assisting I hadn’t shot a photo in a studio since art school. Previous to the class I had been shooting with 90’s era 35mm rangefinders. In the beginning I spent a lot of hours just figuring out what each modifier could do. Midway through the scholarship everything started to click. I quit worrying so much about the lights and was able to direct my focus back to the talent. That’s when the fun started to happen and I was able to really experiment with fun projects.

kingsize article 1

It was inspiring just being around the studio everyday meeting and watching fellow photographers. I really took note at how hard some of the photographers worked. Some of the photo talks that Luke set up where amazing. I was inspired by the generosity and openness of all the professionals that came to speak to us. That doesn’t happen everyday. It’s a kind of dream world for an emerging photographer.

kingsize article 3

At one crit, Christina Force said, “Shoot the personal work you want to make, not what you think you should make” which really resonated with me.

Another great piece of advice from the Scholarship was “Either charge the full amount or do it for free and learn when to say no” I immediately started practising this and it really worked for me.

kingsize article 2

It was totally amazing to be part of a community of photographers in the Scholarship. Everyone seemed to bring something unique to the table; Inspiration, questions, advice, and friendship would be some of the benefits.

kingsize article 7

The biggest excitement was that by the end of the studio class I had secured a couple of larger for me commercial jobs which was a direct result of some of the personal photos I had taken at Kingsize.

kingsize article 4

After the Scholarship I spent time in Montana and have recently moved to New York where I’ve been working at Milk Studios. My immediate goals would be to break into the New York market and to assist some new influential film crews and photographers. I also want to continue bridging my newfound studio lighting skills with location work. Longer term goals would include getting into larger commercial film productions and taking my photography to the next level with bigger budgets and crazier sets.

kingsize article 6


Scholarship Focus – Ken Xun Cao


It was such a great opportunity to join the Kingsize scholarship.


Over 12 weeks, my technical skills have been hugely improved. I learned how to use the Broncolor lighting system. I learned how to set up good video lighting. I learned lots about all sorts of different lighting techniques.

q (9 of 15)

I had the opportunity to meet and talk to famous photographers such as Russ Flatt, Adam Custins and Ross Brown. Listening to their experiences confirmed my own desire to be part of the world of photography.

q (15 of 15)

I have also learned a great deal from each member of our class in Kingsize. I learnt some great techniques and helpful advice from Luke White and his excellent workshops. I was inspired to have a photo shoot with Bas van Est and Nic Fletcher who are innovative with lighting. I was inspired by the way they can make an image to look like a professional ad. Andrea and Aaron told me lots about their own successful assistant experiences. I leaned how to make good use of daylight from Mareea Vegas who is an expert with natural lighting. Fraser Chatham offered up some of the secrets of still life photography. Looking at his work really inspired me. Frances Carter’s documentary was personally moving with wonderful live music documentary she created. Also Ju, Olivia, Michael, Megan, Christian, Caitlan and everyone else in our class inspired me in different ways. I am really enjoyed the Kingsize Scholarship.


Because I am in my final year of University, my plan for the immediate future is to finish a project for my graduate show. I hope it is going to be a surprise for everyone.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.20.35 pm